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Friday, July 6, 2012

Banner Ads Widget For Blogger Blogs

Banner Ads Widget For BloggersWhen you want to earn from your Blog you need first to add image banner on your site. This image banner help others to see at which place you want to show ads. Their size and location is very important (I will write detailed article on it). Today i will tell you how to add banner image add and their background links in blogs. 

Follow these Steps

Adding Banner Ads Widget

(1):- Go to blogger site. Open Blog in which you want to add banner ads.

(2):-Go to Layout and click on Add a Gadget.

(3):- New window will open and you will see empty space in it.

(4):- Copy below code and Paste it in empty space(You don't need to add any title ).

(5):- Replace "Advertiser URL" with the link of ads page or website you have given. 

(6):- Replace "Image URL" with the image Link and that image will be visible on your website.

(7):- This is typical setting for 125x125 image ads. You can change it as you need by Just Replacing (width="125" )(height="125") red colored  Values.

(8):- Click on save and view your newly added sidebar banner ads.

Demo View: Click Here

That's all for today. Hope you will like this article. If you face any problem do mention in comments.Have a nice day.(If you like don't forget to subscribe).

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